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March 2, 2023

Im honored to be writing this testimony in favor of Mrs. Judiann Echezabal. We met in a Sewing and Construction summer intensive course located at Parsons School of Design. From the minute I met her, Judiann radiates knowledge and confidence. She addresses every student as an individual and tries her very hardest to help in a way that benefits everyone. Judiann has been my biggest supporter throughout my journey creating my portfolio and any garments I’ve made. She never makes me feel unwelcome and promotes safety in every question I ask her. Judiann is the most well-rounded designer I’ve met in my life and is a true role model for anyone looking to succeed in the Fashion Industry. I have improved in many areas such as patternmaking, draping, sewing skills, and understanding how to construct garments. Judiann is the best teacher for any student who is looking to better themselves in any area. It’s been a true placing having her in my life; I promise you won’t regret it!

Luiza Rosa

February 27, 2023

It is with great pleasure I write this letter in reference of Ms. Judiann Echezabal. I had the opportunity to learn and work closely with Judiann my Sophomore year CTS Studio at Parsons School of Design. Judiann is one of those people that are rare to find. She in an incredible teacher and person. She guided me and helped me to become a better student and a designer. Her technical skills are outstanding, as so is her patience. She is the definition of a great instructor. Judiann is very communicative, loving, caring, wise, and a problem solver. She always has a great attitude and is always ready to help. She was the best teacher I have ever had. I was able to recognize my growth in the patter making, sewing and construction area from the beginning of the year to the very last day. I learned so much and had great experiences in her class. She is the best!

Camey Liu

February 27, 2023

Judiann has a fantastic approach to teaching fashion that I have not encountered anywhere else. She is one of the most creative and skillful in teaching sewing and construction. She knows what each student cherishes, for me specifically, she recommended many books on couture sewing techniques and patiently taught me techniques that best reach my interest at heart. Judiann has the skills of a teaching expert, but the charm of a family. She is the one that will inspire you and bring you further in the fashion industry, I will remember that she is always with a warm smile, so infectious that cheers you up every day. Her genuine care for others is beyond this world, and it’s the most wonderful thing to have Judiann at Parsons.


February 27, 2023

"From the bottom of my heart, Judiann is one of the most passionate educators and THE most caring person I have ever met. Teaching with passion and a great deal of knowledge in her crafts makes her incredibly easy to work with. Judiann will forever remain my most respected educator, designer, and friend!"

Ziyu Ma(Taro)

January 19, 2023

Hi, this is Ziyu Ma, I'm a fashion major student graduated from Pratt Institute. I met Professor Judiann at my Junior year. Professor Judiann is the most patient professor I have ever met. Even in the freshman and sophomore years, we have already learned many ways to deal with the details of clothing structure, such as how to sew invisible zippers, how to sew pockets, etc., but Judiann still patiently recorded videos for us that can be watched and learned repeatedly, teaching us bit by bit how to deal with the details of clothing. This is because she wants us to learn and get exposed to more ways to deal with the details of clothing. In this way, we will face different problems in our future studies and careers, and we can solve them in more appropriate ways. She has laid a solid foundation for my garments making and design. If we have any knowledge that we don't understand, we can make an appointment with Professor Judiann for more independent study time, and she will try her best to help us learn what we don't understand. Additionally, Professor Judiann will not only teach us a lot about how to make clothes, but also teach us a lot about how to design. I remember when I was in senior year, one of the pants in my graduation project, I designed the waist of the pants to be a straight line. Professor Judiann suggested that I design and change to curves. I did what Judiann said, and the overall visual effect of the pants has been greatly improved. She is always very accurate in identifying problems in students' designs and helping us improve our problems so that our designs can be sublimated. Judiann is one of my favorite professors at Pratt and I consider it fortunate to know and be mentored by Judiann. Because of Professor Judiann's rigorous teaching, I learned a lot and benefited me for life. :)